PeerNet Works! Do you have the right connections?

We just came back from a fantastic annual meeting with our partner PeerNet Group.

We send our executives and top sales people to the annual PeerNet Works meeting to meet with high level executives from the top 50 suppliers in our industry.

Our secret weapon is our relationships with these vendors at all levels of the company. We are able to negotiate discounted pricing for our clients and learn about exclusive products that only Target Marketing can bring you.

These events also serve as educational opportunities for our team. This year we participated in a special keynote presentation and workshops around product safety, compliance and social responsibility to ensure we are bringing our clients the best in industry practices.

But we’d say the best part of PeerNet Works is that it brings together our geographically diverse group of partner organizations to catch-up and share best practices. It’s a lot of fun to hear the hot ideas from Dallas, Seattle or Los Angeles. We like to bring those ideas back to our clients and keep you guys in the loop.

We'll be sharing all kinds of great resources and new product information over the coming months to keep your brand growing, so keep an eye on this spot!