One Less Fire to put out!

We know you’re focused on a thousand different details for a hundred different events. Planning high impact meetings and events consists of some of the most extensive checklists we’ve ever seen.

You don't need any more fires to put out.
You need to build brand, beat competitors and generate leads.

  • Target Marketing gets to know your business; we know your upcoming events and we know your planning processes so we can partner with you to lighten the load.
  • We proactively create messaging, products, and packaging that drive your marketing and take your event to the next level. 
  • Gain 25,000 square feet of warehouse space and take back your storage closet! Our distribution center can hold all of your meeting and event necessities and handle the logistics of getting them where they need to go.
  • Order more, save more – the space at Target Marketing gives you the ability to capitalize on bulk purchases and quantity price breaks helping you lower costs.
  • Online stores let your team order event supplies, meeting supplies, and signage currently in inventory, and Target Marketing takes care of the rest – kitting, packaging and shipping. We do it all!

At Target Marketing we partner with you for every phase of your event. We’ll cross some headaches off your checklist and help put out some fires.

Read how we helped our partners FileMaker and to reduce event prep and onsite to-do tasks to let their teams focus on building business.