CellSlip Stops Distracted Driving

Did you know 1.6 million car crashes annually are due to cell phone use? That’s 64% of all the road crashes in the United States!

Your job is to protect your clients. At Target Marketing our job is to help your brand and give you the tools to keep your clients safe.

CellSlip Phone Case

We want to introduce you to our exclusive Cellslip Phone Case – stop distracted driving in its’ tracks!

Simply put your phone into the case when getting in the car and instantly block all incoming calls, texts and Wi-Fi connections. When you reach your destination, just remove your phone from the pouch and it will instantly reconnect – notifying you of missed calls and messages.

The Cellslip Phone case is the perfect gift to welcome new clients or thank renewing clients and let them know you care about their safety.

Cellslip is available in a variety of colors and imprint styles. This affordable case fits 99% of smart phones and doesn’t drain battery life.

Cellslip Phone Case is only available through Target Marketing and select partners.

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