Powering Up the Meeting


One of our clients, a software company that helps businesses run custom solutions across multiple platforms, was gearing up for their annual national conference. This year marked a special milestone for the client – the 25th anniversary of the conference and the 30th anniversary of the company. The client wanted to provide their meeting attendees with a high quality gift that would be useful to their attendees during the conference and beyond.

Target Marketing has partnered with the client for seven years. Each year we worked with them to source and fulfill welcome bags and speaker gifts for the event. Our goal has been to top ourselves each year with more creative and higher quality gifts. This year proved no different!


Product Development, Fulfillment and Distribution


Target Marketing partnered with the client to design the artwork, produce the gifts, and handle all the kitting and shipping, simplifying the process onsite and making a memorable impression for attendees.

In the past, the welcome bags have been a huge hit with the attendees. We were excited to take on the challenge this year. Each attendee received a branded tote bag that included:

  • A high quality t-shirt imprinted with the meeting theme
  • A retail-ready polo shirt embroidered with the company logo
  • A pre-printed name badge and associated ribbons
  • A retail branded portable battery with custom packaging

The tote bag was a great way for attendees to carry their meeting materials throughout the conference and extend branding when back at home. The shirts also extended branding through the many impressions each time they were worn at the conference and after.

To keep with the tech background of the attendees, each bag also contained a Powerstick to keep their phones, tablets and computers running throughout the conference – without having to find a plug! The Powersticks were extremely popular with the developer attendees and client staff.

In an effort to save onsite staff time and let them focus on other key meeting logistics, Target kitted each of the bags – sorted by size and gender – and then shipped them to the conference, ready for distribution. By having Target pre-print the name badges and affix ribbons, onsite staff was able to easily distribute welcome bags at check-in.

As an added bonus, Target isn’t just a vendor for the client, we use their software solutions. This proved beneficial as our staff was onsite at the meeting to handle any shipping challenges or issues that may have arisen so onsite client staff didn’t have to deal with any possible headaches. In fact, in the past we’ve even been able to drive to a supplier partner to pick up additional supplies and bring them back to the meeting in the same day!

Target was able to provide our client with welcome gifts that keep their attendees happy and coming back year-after-year. Our custom solutions ensure that they are always distributing unique, high quality products. Our fulfillment and distribution services and onsite services keep client staff focused on high priority meeting logistics while we took care of the nitty-gritty details.

Welcome gifts delivering welcome time


Booking.com was hosting a meeting of their North America, South American and Dominican area managers, department managers, general managers and corporate executives in Miami, Florida. They wanted to present a gift to each attendee upon arrival. However, they did not want their meeting planners to spend valuable onsite time compiling and delivering gifts when there were other meeting logistics to attend to.


Fulfillment and Distribution, Product Development, International Logistics


Target Marketing worked with Booking.com to create a welcome gift for the attendees that could be utilized while in the meeting sessions or enjoying Miami in their off-time. The gift also traveled well and was something each attendee could use at home to further extend the exposure of the Booking.com brand.

A branded cooler/tote bag was given to each attendee.  The bag was filled with items perfect for enjoying the pool or beach during event down time. The attendees could also use the items for summer outings when they got home.  The bags included:

·         A high quality t-shirt imprinted with the meeting theme

·         A reusable water bottle with the meeting logo

·         A beach ball

·         A sun care kit

·         A beach towel imprinted with the meeting theme

The bag also included a custom Journal Book and pen for attendees to use during their meetings.  Carrying the branded books helped to extend the theme of the meeting and create a recognizable visual for each of the attendees throughout the day.

At previous meetings, Booking.com had all gift items sent to the hotel. When their meeting planners arrived they spent countless hours sorting gifts, compiling packages and coordinating deliveries. Kitting the gifts took well into the night and pulled the planners away from other key meeting logistics that needed to be finalized before the event began. If there was a shipping snafu with any of the gifts it threw the entire process into a tailspin and ate even more of the planner’s time.

To combat the kitting and delivery issues of the past, all of the branded gift items were sent to Target Marketing. The team at Target was able to build each gift bag and deal with any shipping or product issues if they arose.

Target was able to take away the stress of providing a memorable - and well delivered - welcome gift to meeting attendees.  Booking.com was able to focus on other aspects of their meeting and not worry about product, shipping or gift delivery issues.

Cheers to Virginia Tourism!

Virginia Tourism (Virginia is for Lovers) and the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) wanted to promote and boost the sales of Virginia-made spirits and wine in an effort to boost tourism.

Product Development, Graphic Design, E-Commerce Site Development, Fulfillment and Distribution

Virginia Tourism partnered with Virginia ABC Stores to promote and boost the sales of Virginia-made spirits, wines and mixers. The organizations created a promotion to give away a free gift to anyone purchasing a 750mL or larger bottle of a Virginia-made spirit, wine or mixer at participating Virginia ABC stores. The promotion began Memorial Day 2015 and was rolled out at the top five Virginia ABC Stores across the state. The promotion will wrap-up on Labor Day, but could be expanded to a later date and additional stores based on program success.

Target Marketing worked with the organizations to source a creative promotional product giveaway that would help to brand the partnership. The group selected a unique Virginia is for Lovers trucker hat. Target also created bottleneckers for the bottles, tabletop tents and shelf toppers to explain the promotion in-store and extend the consistency of messaging and branding of the partnership.

To ease promotion implementation and execution, Target operates an online store where ABC store employees can order additional paper products or promotional products. Target also manages all distribution and fulfillment of online orders so stores and VA Tourism don’t have to take on the time intensive tasks of shipping, order tracking, product issues, etc.

Target created a co-branded polo shirt to give to employees at top performing stores during the promotion to extend the branding and incentivize staff. The shirts bear the ABC logo on left chest and the Virginia is for Lovers logo on the right sleeve.

Initial reception to the promotion has been overwhelmingly positive. In the first week, 477 Virginia is for Lovers trucker hats had been given out. Several of the stores sold out of their initial supply and had already re-ordered their hats. Positive media coverage of the promotion and increasing Virginia Tourism revenue figures are helping to push the campaign forward.