Lose Travel Stress Not Your Luggage

We know travel can be stressful enough without worrying if you’ll lose your luggage or leave something important behind.

The BeagleScout by PowerStick is the perfect travel companion. It combines a tracker element with a tag so your luggage can be identified and tracked with a single unit. BeagleScout & the Beagle app alert you when you may be leaving without your most important items and map the location they were last tracked. 

BeagleScout uses two-way Bluetooth technology and the Beagle 2.0 app featuring Search Party, a lost and found community for Beagle users available for iOS and Android.

Never be confused at the arrivals carousel as you examine hundreds of bags like your own again. Your app will tell you when your bag is on-site and increase its signal as it gets closer.

The design of the BeagleScout was created with branding in mind. Keep it simple with a centered logo or print a fun pattern - BeagleScout is ready for it.

Even our packaging is ready for branding. BeagleScout can be packaged in a tube or a box, both allowing you full custom branding on the sleeves to share your message.

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Showcase your brand with Custom packaging!

A great branded gift or promotional merchandise mailer can catch a prospect’s attention, reward staff, or reinvigorate a client relationship.

It all starts with quality packaging!

Custom packaging

High-impact custom packaging strengthens brand recognition. Research suggests at least a third of product decision making is based on packaging. Custom packaging can help to tip that decision in your favor.

  • Adding custom packaging offers a retail look to your promotional giveaway and creates a higher perceived value.
  • Custom packaging allows you to communicate more of your message than just a logo thereby creating the look and feel of a full advertising campaign.
  • Finally, custom packaging enables you to sell more by including a call to action (special offer, rebate, coupon, etc.).

According to Business Insider, first impressions generally take about 7 seconds. Color, package shape, typography, and icons can create packaging as unique as your product. Utilizing custom packaging as a way to extend your brand messaging helps to push you to the front of the decision line.

With the advent of new, flexible printing presses, companies can dream up most any type of eye-catching, attention-grabbing custom packaging for their products. Presses can print it on on almost any material from paper to cardboard, vinyl, and plastic. 

We've put together some of the Custom Packaging trends for 2016:

  • Minimalist - Clean artwork and simple fonts can message luxury.
  • Environmentalist - Responsibly sourced materials, natural palettes, and earth-friendly materials help companies earn customer trust through their earth-friendly policies.
  • Old-School - Products designed around nostalgia appeal to the ever-growing number of Millennial consumers. Prohibition-era, vintage-style tattoo or '90s neon are inspiring custom packaging.
  • Handmade - People gravitate toward products that feel small-batch and crafty - think fonts that look handwritten and unique labels for each product
  • Personalized - Interactive campaigns that can utilize a customer name, dynamic logos, or encourage social interaction with packaging create an individual experience for each customer. The perfect example is Coca-Cola and their bottles marketed to individuals by name.

Custom packaging can be used for any project:

  • Special promotions (product launches, merchandise samples, etc.)
  • Gifts/Retail (apparel, accessories, etc.)
  • Presentations (company literature, price sheets, etc.)
  • Health & beauty packaging

At Target Marketing we work with you to find the perfect product, and the perfect way to package it.

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