Showcase your brand with Custom packaging!

A great branded gift or promotional merchandise mailer can catch a prospect’s attention, reward staff, or reinvigorate a client relationship.

It all starts with quality packaging!

Custom packaging

High-impact custom packaging strengthens brand recognition. Research suggests at least a third of product decision making is based on packaging. Custom packaging can help to tip that decision in your favor.

  • Adding custom packaging offers a retail look to your promotional giveaway and creates a higher perceived value.
  • Custom packaging allows you to communicate more of your message than just a logo thereby creating the look and feel of a full advertising campaign.
  • Finally, custom packaging enables you to sell more by including a call to action (special offer, rebate, coupon, etc.).

According to Business Insider, first impressions generally take about 7 seconds. Color, package shape, typography, and icons can create packaging as unique as your product. Utilizing custom packaging as a way to extend your brand messaging helps to push you to the front of the decision line.

With the advent of new, flexible printing presses, companies can dream up most any type of eye-catching, attention-grabbing custom packaging for their products. Presses can print it on on almost any material from paper to cardboard, vinyl, and plastic. 

We've put together some of the Custom Packaging trends for 2016:

  • Minimalist - Clean artwork and simple fonts can message luxury.
  • Environmentalist - Responsibly sourced materials, natural palettes, and earth-friendly materials help companies earn customer trust through their earth-friendly policies.
  • Old-School - Products designed around nostalgia appeal to the ever-growing number of Millennial consumers. Prohibition-era, vintage-style tattoo or '90s neon are inspiring custom packaging.
  • Handmade - People gravitate toward products that feel small-batch and crafty - think fonts that look handwritten and unique labels for each product
  • Personalized - Interactive campaigns that can utilize a customer name, dynamic logos, or encourage social interaction with packaging create an individual experience for each customer. The perfect example is Coca-Cola and their bottles marketed to individuals by name.

Custom packaging can be used for any project:

  • Special promotions (product launches, merchandise samples, etc.)
  • Gifts/Retail (apparel, accessories, etc.)
  • Presentations (company literature, price sheets, etc.)
  • Health & beauty packaging

At Target Marketing we work with you to find the perfect product, and the perfect way to package it.

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7 Considerations for Designing Custom Packaging

Designing custom packaging can be overwhelming if you haven't done it before. Often, what seems like a combination of good ideas amounts to a package that is completely overlooked.

Our packaging partners helped us create a list of 7 Considerations When Designing Custom Packaging to give your brand the boost it deserves:

Custom Packaging Box
  1. Does it stand out? There are a lot of products out there. And there are likely a lot of products similar to your products. Make sure your packaging stands out on the shelf (or wherever it’s being sold).
  2. Who’s the buyer? Is the target market male? Female? Do they tend to be into sports, art, music, all of the above? These are all important things to consider when designing packaging. The design should appeal to your buyer.
  3. Is it press friendly? Think about it. Publicity is one of the number one marketing tools around. Having packaging that photographs well and is appealing to online and print editors can be a critical factor in a product getting the press it deserves.
  4. Does it meet legal requirements? A product’s packaging should inform the buyer of what’s inside.
  5. Does it include instructions? If a product requires assembly, this should be reflected on the package so the recipient knows that it’s user friendly.
  6. Does it protect the contents? Physical construction is super important because, of course, customers want their precious product to be protected
  7. Does it reflect your brand? As far as packaging is concerned, this is probably the most critical when it comes to the long term success of a business. Packaging should reflect the spirit of the brand so it should contain key things like the company logo, company colors, etc.
Custom Packaging

At Target Marketing we work with you to find the perfect product, and the perfect way to package it.

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Cheers to Virginia Tourism!

Virginia Tourism (Virginia is for Lovers) and the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) wanted to promote and boost the sales of Virginia-made spirits and wine in an effort to boost tourism.

Product Development, Graphic Design, E-Commerce Site Development, Fulfillment and Distribution

Virginia Tourism partnered with Virginia ABC Stores to promote and boost the sales of Virginia-made spirits, wines and mixers. The organizations created a promotion to give away a free gift to anyone purchasing a 750mL or larger bottle of a Virginia-made spirit, wine or mixer at participating Virginia ABC stores. The promotion began Memorial Day 2015 and was rolled out at the top five Virginia ABC Stores across the state. The promotion will wrap-up on Labor Day, but could be expanded to a later date and additional stores based on program success.

Target Marketing worked with the organizations to source a creative promotional product giveaway that would help to brand the partnership. The group selected a unique Virginia is for Lovers trucker hat. Target also created bottleneckers for the bottles, tabletop tents and shelf toppers to explain the promotion in-store and extend the consistency of messaging and branding of the partnership.

To ease promotion implementation and execution, Target operates an online store where ABC store employees can order additional paper products or promotional products. Target also manages all distribution and fulfillment of online orders so stores and VA Tourism don’t have to take on the time intensive tasks of shipping, order tracking, product issues, etc.

Target created a co-branded polo shirt to give to employees at top performing stores during the promotion to extend the branding and incentivize staff. The shirts bear the ABC logo on left chest and the Virginia is for Lovers logo on the right sleeve.

Initial reception to the promotion has been overwhelmingly positive. In the first week, 477 Virginia is for Lovers trucker hats had been given out. Several of the stores sold out of their initial supply and had already re-ordered their hats. Positive media coverage of the promotion and increasing Virginia Tourism revenue figures are helping to push the campaign forward.