Just like the best heroes, our super power - creativity - runs deep through our veins! At Target Marketing our team is creative in an artistic sense. Our graphic design department pumps out some pretty unique artwork each and every day.

But just like any good superhero, our creativity goes way beyond art and design.


  • creatively source the coolest new products to keep your campaigns on trend.
  • creatively get you the best possible pricing through our partnerships with vendors.
  • creatively deal with any logistical mess that may arise to keep your program flying high.

So what does being “creative” in all of these different avenues really mean? We use our superpowers for good, creatively solving problems for our clients and saving the day when evil shows his head. We’re Creative Heroes!


Check out our highlights:

  • A client needed umbrellas delivered to a tradeshow as a giveaway. All was on track until UPS delayed the shipment, causing the umbrellas to be delivered too late for their event. What to do?! We creatively tapped into our networks to source, produce, and courier nearly identical umbrellas the same day, so they could arrive on time to the event. Phew!

  • We were tasked with helping put together a pirate themed kit for a client, so what better to include than a sword! After diligently sourcing the product from our extensive networks, we were still coming up dry. How would we save the day?! We reached out to a local manufacturer who produced the perfect product at the right price. The creative solution was just under our noses!

  • Around the holidays, a client was looking for a knock-out thank you gift. With little direction we presented numerous options to the client, the winner being a tumbler filled with candy. Our art department developed custom artwork incorporating the client logo and a “thank you” vibe. We even beautifully filled each tumbler with candy, bagged in a lovely organza bag, and finished with a bow. Our creative artwork and packaging turned an everyday item into something special.

  • At Target Marketing we’re fighting boring campaigns and “been there done that” products with our colossal creativity.

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