Online promo shops make a lot of promises about price and service – but it usually leads to a lot of unintended costs.

You need help and voicemails aren’t returned, emails sit in a neglected inbox, calls are transferred. When you do finally get ahold of someone you have to explain who you are and what the problem is. No one knows you, your project or your needs.

What kind of "service" is this?

At Target Marketing, we’re not content to get you a product that can just “do the job” and then answer the phone when you have a problem. We keep the problems from happening in the first place.

Customer service is ingrained in everything we do – before we get to any problems. We’ve mastered the art of exceeding our client’s expectations.

A Guru is a leader in a field. At Target Marketing, we’re known as Customer Service Gurus.

  • We learn what you’re out to accomplish, how you want to connect with your client, and the type of response you’re trying to elicit from them.

  • We’re proactively coming to you with product, packaging and marketing ideas and innovation to take your programs to the next level.

  • Dream up your perfect gift, mailer or recognition piece – at Target Marketing we’ll make it a reality. We’ve never said “we can’t do it.”

  • Our level of customization is leading edge – we can bring you exclusive products you can’t get from other providers and fit it to each of your clients’ individual needs.

  • We implement the latest in technology and marketing operations to manage a seamless promotional marketing program behind-the-scenes - so you don’t have to.

  • If a problem does arise with an order, we make it our problem and we fix it – no runaround, no email dodging, no unreturned voicemails. We get it done.

Our clients have brought us some amazing challenges, and we’ve met them head-on. We’re an industry leader in ratcheting up our client expectations to solve their problems.

What kind of service can we offer you?

Call, email and let us know how we can help you!

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