The success of a promotional marketing campaign depends on more than a quality product. Making sure the entire campaign runs smoothly and is delivered on time and budget are huge factors to your success.

Unfortunately it is so easy for a promotional marketing campaign to get stopped in its tracks. There are so many pitfalls along the road to delivery - much like that pesky coyote going after the roadrunner.

Inventory can be depleted, shipping policy changes can lead to increased costs, product overruns mean you’re left with no storage space, ordering from multiple vendors and sites don’t let you capitalize on savings.

A trusted partner can run you through the traps without slowing down your program and sacrificing quality. Target Marketing staff are the Fulfillment Roadrunners you need!

  • Our fulfillment and distribution services can handle your inventory management, ensuring product is available when and where you need it.
  • We offer client storage, so you don’t need to worry about finding a place to keep your swag.
  • E-commerce websites give you flexibility in your purchasing and ensure brand consistency across items.
  • Consolidated purchasing lets you realize savings across your campaigns.
  • On-demand delivery keeps your programs moving at full speed and takes the weight of transportation off your shoulders.
  • Our experts are constantly monitoring shipping policies with major carriers to ensure we are ahead of the game and saving money for our clients.

When you partner with Target Marketing we’re putting our expertise to work to help you speed past unnecessary costs and make your promotional marketing campaign a success!

Email us today to see how we can run around your marketing challenges.
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