Tradeshow giveAways made simple at Neustar.

Neustar, a brand data and analytics company, participates in nearly 100 industry tradeshows each year.  To pique the interest of their potential clients at the show, Neustar needed giveaway items that would lure and capture their interest, while consistently representing their brand.  They also needed an easy way to access their products for each show.

Product Development, Fulfillment and Distribution, Tradeshow Management

Target teamed up with Neustar to provide a private e-commerce site to make ordering goods easy for each tradeshow.  Our creative teams present quirky tradeshow giveaway ideas to Neustar, Neustar approves the order, and we then hold the goods in our warehouse until the show.  When the Neustar team is ready for the goods, they simply log into their private e-commerce site and the next thing they know the promotional goods have arrived to their tradeshow booth!

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