Making brands shine (and clean!) with a quirky product.

Neustar, a leading telecommunications company, needed a completely unique gift for an unusual marketing campaign.  They were promoting the sale of a set of exclusive real estate related URLs (.nyc) available for purchase through an auction exclusive to New York City entrepreneurs.  Prior to the auction, Neustar wanted to give potential bidders a never-before-seen gift to drive their attention to the auction and increase their chances of participating.

Product Development

It’s hard to find a product for someone who has everything!  But we did just that.  We made several unique product recommendations – a solar powered, charging tech padfolio, a custom New York shaped cutting board, an urban backpack for New Yorkers on the go, and more.  Neustar went with a one-of-a-kind Phone Soap - a unique portable charger that uses UV light to sanitize the device while charging it.    The Phone Soaps were mailed to 100 individual recipients along with marketing inserts about “shining light” on the auction. The gifts were strategically delivered a few weeks before the auction began. Needless to say, the gifts and auction were a success!

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