“Geek” – according to Merriam-Webster it’s an enthusiast or expert especially in a technological field or activity.

We all know these guys. They talk about software and web products like they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread. They always have a gadget they swear will make their life and work easier and they want you to try it too.

You don’t often think of geeks being in the promotional marketing industry. What does tech have to do with branded swag and employee recognition?

Our clients come to us with headaches. They want to build their brand, engage clients, expand their business and grow revenue. Their expertise is in their field, not in creating promotional marketing campaigns, sourcing branded merchandise, building e-commerce websites, managing distribution and fulfillment and tracking data, data, data!

At Target Marketing we are proud to be Techy Geeks, building successful promotional marketing campaigns centered on the latest and greatest in technology. We love to partner with our clients on a project and find the best software and technology platforms to help them manage their programs. It’s where our geekiness really shines through.


We believe every good campaign needs to be simple to implement, easy to maintain and actionable on analytics. We use technology to put your success just a click away.

Our e-commerce websites put ordering and inventory management at your fingertips. We can build a streamlined store for internal employee or retail use that features your custom selected products, ensures consistency in branding and helps to manage costs.

Our back-end systems let us provide reporting and data analysis to our e-commerce clients. We’ll help you spot trends and patterns in purchasing and audience usage that can inform your sales strategy.

Bringing your employee recognition programs online provides ease of management and gives your team flexibility in how they are rewarded. We have developed an online points program that can incentivize your employees and reward them with tangible gifts, without having to deal with paperwork, order forms and shipping numbers.

Our operations team shares their expertise to source and build technology that can manage the headaches you’re having. We can customize a solution that will give you a dashboard into your order history, spending patterns and shipping so you can plan your next project.

At Target Marketing we'll use the latest and greatest in tech and gadgets to ensure the success of your promotional marketing campaign - and we promise it will make life easier!

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